Can I apply online?
Yes, our rental forms are available online: apply today  

What is the lease length?
We offer at standard 12 month lease term.

I’m a student. Do I need a co-signer on my lease?
Given that most students earn little, if any, income on their own and have short-lived or no credit history, our insurance and financial institutions require that we keep a co-signer form on file to ensure income. If you’ve had more than two (2) years of full-time employment, along with a good credit history of at least two (2) years, a co-signer is not necessary.

Is there a security deposit?
A security deposit equal to one month’s regular rent will be charged.

What day is rent due?
The rent is due and payable on the 25th day of the preceding month.

How much is the late fee?
There will be a late payment fee on any rental payment not received by the second day of the month. The late payment shall be five percent (5%) of the rental amount or fifteen dollars ($15.00), whichever is greater.

How can I pay my rent?
You can pay rent in person, by mail or online

Who do I call to have my utilities turned on?
Please have your utilities connected within 48 hours of occupancy, to avoid service interruptions. The following is a list of utility companies that supply our area.

Electricity: New River Light and Power 828-264-3671
Landline Telephone: Bell South 888-757-6500
Cable TV: Charter Communications 866-472-2200
Internet: Charter Communications or Bell South
Blue Ridge Electric: 828-264-8894 (Roundtree, Deerfield and Pebble Creek)
Skyline Telephone: 828-297-2603 (Pebble Creek only)
Town of Boone – Water/Sewer 828-262-4550 (Hardin Creek and Roundtree)

Who do I call for maintenance issues?
Non-emergency maintenance requests should be submitted in writing at the ASU4rent office. Only emergency maintenance needs can be handled by phone.

What if I get locked out?
ASU4Rent will unlock your door 24/7, free of charge (as long as the problem does not become habitual) or you can stop by the office to get a copy of your key. If you fail to ask for assistance and damage your door, lock, window or screen in an attempt to enter your apartment, you’ll be responsible for repair costs for any damage. Contact our Emergency Maintenance team at 828-719-6880.

What do you consider a maintenance emergency? Is there an After Hours contact for maintenance emergencies?
Emergencies are fire, flood, no heat in winter months, and no water. Our Emergency Maintenance team can be reached at 828-719-6880.

How many parking spaces does my rental unit have?
Residents must obtain an annual parking sticker from our office when moving in. If you renew your current lease, you need to renew your parking sticker as well. Each rental unit has a designated number of parking spaces for its residents.

Visitors are required to obtain a visitor’s pass from the ASU4rent office. Due to limited space, visitor’s passes are not available at Crest or Cedar Creek. If a visitor arrives after office hours, they should park at the ASU4rent office until morning, at which time they can obtain a visitors pass. Cars in your lot without a valid sticker or visitor pass may be towed by calling Bill’s Garage at 265-3400.

Can I park on campus?
On-campus student parking is very limited, so you’ll love that all of our properties lie within 3.5 miles of campus and more than half are within a half-mile. Plus, our residents enjoy parking at the ASU4rent complex on campus.

Are pets allowed?
ASU4rent does not allow pets of any kind in any of our rental units. Having a pet in your rental unit is a material breach of contract for which you can be evicted.